Scattered Voices: A Collection of Poems Shared by Strangers on the Internet

Scattered Voices: A Collection of Poems Shared by Strangers on the Internet

One internet post. Ten Poets. Less than thirty days.

Read an unlikely collection of poems submitted by users of a certain social networking site. A diversity of voices communicating on a range of topics through the art of verse. Brought to you by an even more unlikely source, Rotting Horse Publishing.

A house of horror delivers its most unexpected work yet. No blood or boogeymen needed to tell this story.

The story of us.


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Asymmetric flow

Peeled back, these covers once unveiled such a smooth surface scantily. Clad in rags, shredded cotton over mildew, sinewy, yet still strong, somehow sensual, it all endures. Scraped off, this white film unveils a cracked, pitted surface, once teal, of a faded green. Somehow, these tiles hold back murky waters, which the savior silently assures. […]

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A sequence born out of nothing

Why not wake up from a hot stretch? Why not cool down and let entropy take you? Why not forget those scary steps into existence, avoiding the cobweb that forms the soul, so sticky? Soulless madness toils away forever past the drifts of dreams, past the future and the now, even out of time. Forgotten. […]

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This fading song

Are these the times, Deflocking from our tribes sticking to new ones slowly heating in the pot like frogs unbothered, while we point and laugh, Cry, and digest content build by content builders larger than anything some Gods promised, we take the water from the desert sands? Are these the times, we unrecognize our screen-lit […]

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Of the Bride’s Moans

While the light beyond the crack around the wooden window cover dies While Šerida takes her husband’s hand into where horizon’s privacy lies While even the bleating of goats or child sinks into the silent dessert sands While the cooling blanket dims all shadows into dense ethereal demands While far beyond understanding the bride’s noises […]

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Whispers in the dark

It hurt the eyes, blinded by fire yet faith lies in the shadows cast In the corner, folded in dust flurries lie believes that a corner is real as the fire is not.   But the walls the walls not real not reality no reality can hold over belief   Soft spoken whispers mimic the […]

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The Odd One Out

The triple-O popped recoiled over the crumbling wall. Had he only been the fourth, maybe then he would have mastered the Gift of Sight, but as the dwindling appendix of his thriving Brother, last of the Triad con Felis, he had missed the kisses of the birds. “Step away flower-touched, this requires real insight.” Yet […]

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While the Gods wait

I unravel into a revolt to feed the empty black sky with a breath so cold, so sweet, so daring, the effigies recline to their everlasting hiding.   I feed the empty black sky. Hither breath so cold, so sweet. So daring that effigies reclined too. They’re everlasting hiding all the untrickled words.   Hey […]

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Thinking it over

Now that I lay all my whispers to the wind, who is sitting on the other end? Who, cross-legged, facing the whirring sun, gasping, with eyes closed is leaning in? Will the Listener hear me, and my morpheme blips? Will they translate, bring meaning to the Listener’s song? Is He or She whistling along? What […]

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Batch of five

51. I call you out Your skin is thin I fold myself onto you The sun rises I am translucent 52. Lost in each other’s eyes she keeps me waiting, dang-e-ling. But I want it now. 53. Shimmering shadows of whispering trees tickle her eyes this easing ‪morning. Yet, cruel time arcs forward. 54. See […]

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