I hold my breath and I dream more. Past the clouds, past the stars, and into the dark-betweens. Gently a stroke, a breeze, a puff, a wink, holding hands, clement days with orange streaks. Deep warm rays that hold our gaze. Oh, how to long for purple skies, everlasting discussions about meaningless things while the […]

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Poet’s Dream Anthology

The Poet’s Dream Anthology is out! I was so lucky to be included on page 82 with the poem “The forked tongue of the dragon” I wrote for the occasion. Please check it out for a great read over the holidays (and it is free 🙂: Dream Catchers: Vol. 3 – New Beginnings is now available […]

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The First Kiss

“Truth is my friend, we are the burden born from that unholy union…” “Ssssht, it’s starting.” She gestures to the stage where a young woman half clad in red and half clad in blue starts to sing at haunting altitudes.   “Oh Marduk, player of the four winds, let the winds whirl, let the eleven […]

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For every child I wish…

For every child I wish to be cradled in safety and space for exploration. To be able to have the time to learn to listen and to be heard. That the cradle is an embrace of all the best of humanity and the diversity of all live. To emerge from such support and be able […]

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The mist and its pale-grey soap faces mocked the absent winds. From her pipe swirled the smoke of dark-pinkish Nika flowers, gifts from the far north of Ninua. Kishaa’s Pearl mocked her, seen through her long eyelashes; its anchor served aesthetic purposes. Apathic lingering after the ransom was finally paid did not suit her and […]

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Animals in the Rain

“Such beauty did unfold that the heavens wept to paint the desert sands. All but the sun with its death rays witnessed the Dance, the Soaking. All but the moon heard the Mating Calls, the Merge, the Birth of time. It was here, and only here, the next thing happened. The next thing only happened […]

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Room 666

Anderson wakes up in his chair and almost gags due to the smell. He soiled himself somewhere in the night. Again. This happened again. He shudders and feels his hand still around his glass. He hopes it is whiskey, through his teary eyes full of morning goop it is hard to see. Trembling he takes […]

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A batch of 5

46. So my friend, that is how all this will never end. – What did you say?   47. Rust flakes sink like leaves   Curse, curse, curse this day. The lid falls to let out Apate. Her weighted words spread like clouds of cypselae on a dreadful wind. Decay the loom, Equality the thread. […]

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poetry readings

SCATTERED VOICES: Scattered Voices is a poetry anthology published by Rotting Horse Publishing. The tracks in the playlist (25) are the poems of the talented D.W. Metz that were chosen for this unique anthology.  Please follow the link below to hear the great work by the author himself. ALL TRACKS:   DISCOVERING DULUOZ: Available on CD (amazon link) […]

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