A head protrudes

Sloth-like, sniffing the air to feel and sense. Has the gauntlet been dropped in front of his dark abode?

Sounds resonate through the forest, something is up. No longer a senseless peace will drive inaction, sharp directed action, as adrenaline fueled hunting, drifts uneasy in and out of focus.

A long tongue flicks a beetle lazily of a branch. Deaf it can’t smell its way, but a vibration of tension catches its wildly rotating eye. Will it tell me a story, will I ever be challenged…

The drabble war starts here: Prime parasite

Please read each Drabble and follow the links in this story in this linear hypertext novel, that unfolds by its experimental set-up: wordexpanding

If the Narrative of each Drabble combined is the Book, then You just read the Pre-face…


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