Of the Bride’s Moans

While the light beyond the crack
around the wooden window cover

While Šerida takes her husband’s
hand into where horizon’s privacy

While even the bleating of goats
or child sinks into the silent dessert

While the cooling blanket dims
all shadows into dense ethereal

While far beyond understanding
the bride’s noises travel with her

There in Nanna’s silvered plane
outside the mud brick wall’s

There shivering under the dying
moon and void of all energy thus

There trembling on horizon’s edge
the heat of Utu’s bride


builds the silence before dawn.

(c) Casteleijn MG. 2019

Awesome image from Zdzisław Beksiński, Surreal Landscape (1982)

Some are hunted and some are hunters. Others will find only the Beginning of beginnings to be comforting…


4 thoughts on “Of the Bride’s Moans

  1. The Most Grazious of Hosts

    The life you live. Sordid commodity veil.
    The life you feel. More of the same
    The life that you give. A gift for all eternity.

    Mother’s smile. Father’s pride. A friend’s caress.


      1. I had to come back to this man, because it is something I would write but couldn’t write. or wise-versa(sic)

        The momentum of it is quite …
        the alliterating stanzas ending with rhyme changing in midpoem to something to stem us from….

        This… You have fooled me *tut tut*

        These are lyrics to a song.

        Liked by 1 person

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