Whispers in the dark

It hurt the eyes, blinded by fire yet faith lies in the shadows cast In the corner, folded in dust flurries lie believes that a corner is real as the fire is not.   But the walls the walls not real not reality no reality can hold over belief   Soft spoken whispers mimic the […]

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While the Gods wait

I unravel into a revolt to feed the empty black sky with a breath so cold, so sweet, so daring, the effigies recline to their everlasting hiding.   I feed the empty black sky. Hither breath so cold, so sweet. So daring that effigies reclined too. They’re everlasting hiding all the untrickled words.   Hey […]

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Thinking it over

Now that I lay all my whispers to the wind, who is sitting on the other end? Who, cross-legged, facing the whirring sun, gasping, with eyes closed is leaning in? Will the Listener hear me, and my morpheme blips? Will they translate, bring meaning to the Listener’s song? Is He or She whistling along? What […]

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A batch of 5

46. So my friend, that is how all this will never end. – What did you say?   47. Rust flakes sink like leaves   Curse, curse, curse this day. The lid falls to let out Apate. Her weighted words spread like clouds of cypselae on a dreadful wind. Decay the loom, Equality the thread. […]

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poetry readings

SCATTERED VOICES: Scattered Voices is a poetry anthology published by Rotting Horse Publishing. The tracks in the playlist (25) are the poems of the talented D.W. Metz that were chosen for this unique anthology.  Please follow the link below to hear the great work by the author himself. ALL TRACKS:   DISCOVERING DULUOZ: Available on CD (amazon link) […]

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A Batch of 5

41. When hate draws blood, forgotten tears please fill the world with #love   42. I drew breath from an IPA. Lingering Summer Evening.   43. A blank stare. Pressured nausea inside, turmoil. The teardrop drips on our floor.   Something I did   44. Black rows reflecting empty days that have been. Hospital windows. […]

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