The Odd One Out

The triple-O popped recoiled over the crumbling wall. Had he only been the fourth, maybe then he would have mastered the Gift of Sight, but as the dwindling appendix of his thriving Brother, last of the Triad con Felis, he had missed the kisses of the birds. “Step away flower-touched, this requires real insight.” Yet […]

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Whistler’s Dilemma

The clangor of iron on stone hangs in the air. Dust filled air, heavy and still. All time does is perpetuate.   I turn but it was a tardy turn I step away but it was out of tune. An incestuous vine violates me.   A rat-a-tat scrape scratches, rasping and rasping. An interior protest […]

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Prime Mechanics

“The alchemists meant no harm!” A snort from the young woman. She spat chewed berries through the iron bars. “Look at it, look at it.” Behind the iron bars the sad face, a residue of the old old king. Chills ran down her back. It was the defiling depth of sadism combined with eons of […]

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Reason to Start Again

Putrid perfume scented the forest. It was in every leaf, every root and every seed. Prime Parasite’s consuming impulses unknowing to the King’s foragers. Rooted deep and old. Tickling the bones of the earth. Waiting, always waiting. Yet now, at the edge of being, on the white hill overusing seas of time it had fully […]

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Crucial Scrounger

Deteriorated matter floated away on sweet, floral scented wind. Host was done. Soon pelting rains would come back to crush-hurt-maim. Shivering it fed its children to the world. On their own to find their meaning, to drink from the potency of the obtained. Nor would it matter. Dreams do not end with the host, the […]

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