Warp Anomaly

That day the city burned. Kishaa’s Pearl burned. No aid came from the South for the old king crumbled to dust braking away into the sands of time. No alchemist nor Autonoom stopped death. So a scene from the city. A mother’s cry to the frenzied worrier, to the Gods, to the Sky. “There he […]

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Usurper Dissident

The cup, the staff, the candle. Shards, ash, smoke. Remnants of the red days, when curtains folded, when dungeon after dungeon was filled with screams, rats and a stank floating over the city. Silence but the winds holds this fortress now. Writings on the wall of old: “At the God-Foundry the city was forsaken” Words […]

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Young Iljun shuffled uncomfortably on the stone bench, his tutor behind him, with the stick on Iljun’s shoulder. “First we ready the seedpod, nurture it, exclude it. Make it feel special, sweet and at home.” Iljun frowned, the creature’s eye still fresh upon him. “…Then we step back, let the seeds do their work. Take […]

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Hedge Maze

The morning star Helel shimmered bright over the city where sluice gates open by the will of the Gods. Here another young prince made a discovery of a different kind. “Have you ever been so lost, so frightened” A naive question. “No, my lord” A smart reply from the slave girl. “My father had these […]

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Hides cut in strips, half-tanned and soaked. Bloody beginnings will lead to bloodied ends. Buried braids in the hot desert sand, after which heavy stones stretch ropes. It takes a skilled hand to sand of its hair, to oil and knot the pirate’s lariat. Lined the narrow vale, far from their lands they dot the […]

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The city

Thinking of Erech I see a broad river slowly passing and feed our grain filled Lands. Gold and green Our fields are our own.   Rows of white stone drawn from the earth circle us like bone. Five gates feed the camel’s gait, and 2 our oars. The straight blue and blazing sun, explode on […]

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