I hold my breath and I dream more. Past the clouds, past the stars, and into the dark-betweens. Gently a stroke, a breeze, a puff, a wink, holding hands, clement days with orange streaks. Deep warm rays that hold our gaze. Oh, how to long for purple skies, everlasting discussions about meaningless things while the […]

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For every child I wish…

For every child I wish to be cradled in safety and space for exploration. To be able to have the time to learn to listen and to be heard. That the cradle is an embrace of all the best of humanity and the diversity of all live. To emerge from such support and be able […]

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Room 666

Anderson wakes up in his chair and almost gags due to the smell. He soiled himself somewhere in the night. Again. This happened again. He shudders and feels his hand still around his glass. He hopes it is whiskey, through his teary eyes full of morning goop it is hard to see. Trembling he takes […]

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Avian Antics

Birdcalls in the night, chafing, raspy. Young and hungry. In-between the glued wood chip trees Under the tufted fibers, green as grass. Slowly the darkness rides the tide of light away from all sounds. Dripping colours, faded memories. Tastes of stale metal, flat beer and mouldy air. A red dot stare. Past the snakes, the berried-flower […]

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Woord Formatie

Daar lag het, nog droog voor de lik een wolkje lucht op de lip. Net voordat alles veranderde net voordat alles gezegd was   De bevochtiging, een bekrachtiging   van wat gaat volgen. Een ritueel, voordat het woord komt voor de aankomst.   Als ik me kon vasthouden aan het niets aan de belofte van […]

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I eat alone

I am an old man, because I have lived a lot. I have fought for years, lived on love for years, lived on money for years and then on my constitution. Now I have been old for years. My view is one of rest. I am sitting on a high grass covered plain with in […]

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All 4

The resounding red mace, the instrument of silencing pounded marble. “Hear now our ruling, we say it is so.” Kishar stood silent. “Until the end of times you will hide the corners of the earth. Only this you will do until madness will eat your soul, so we may take it.” Kishar simpered, hands behind […]

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