Of the Bride’s Moans

While the light beyond the crack around the wooden window cover dies While Šerida takes her husband’s hand into where horizon’s privacy lies While even the bleating of goats or child sinks into the silent dessert sands While the cooling blanket dims all shadows into dense ethereal demands While far beyond understanding the bride’s noises […]

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The Odd One Out

The triple-O popped recoiled over the crumbling wall. Had he only been the fourth, maybe then he would have mastered the Gift of Sight, but as the dwindling appendix of his thriving Brother, last of the Triad con Felis, he had missed the kisses of the birds. “Step away flower-touched, this requires real insight.” Yet […]

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The First Kiss

“Truth is my friend, we are the burden born from that unholy union…” “Ssssht, it’s starting.” She gestures to the stage where a young woman half clad in red and half clad in blue starts to sing at haunting altitudes.   “Oh Marduk, player of the four winds, let the winds whirl, let the eleven […]

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The mist and its pale-grey soap faces mocked the absent winds. From her pipe swirled the smoke of dark-pinkish Nika flowers, gifts from the far north of Ninua. Kishaa’s Pearl mocked her, seen through her long eyelashes; its anchor served aesthetic purposes. Apathic lingering after the ransom was finally paid did not suit her and […]

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Animals in the Rain

“Such beauty did unfold that the heavens wept to paint the desert sands. All but the sun with its death rays witnessed the Dance, the Soaking. All but the moon heard the Mating Calls, the Merge, the Birth of time. It was here, and only here, the next thing happened. The next thing only happened […]

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Whistler’s Dilemma

The clangor of iron on stone hangs in the air. Dust filled air, heavy and still. All time does is perpetuate.   I turn but it was a tardy turn I step away but it was out of tune. An incestuous vine violates me.   A rat-a-tat scrape scratches, rasping and rasping. An interior protest […]

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Prime Mechanics

“The alchemists meant no harm!” A snort from the young woman. She spat chewed berries through the iron bars. “Look at it, look at it.” Behind the iron bars the sad face, a residue of the old old king. Chills ran down her back. It was the defiling depth of sadism combined with eons of […]

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