A sequence born out of nothing

Why not wake up from a hot stretch? Why not cool down and let entropy take you? Why not forget those scary steps into existence, avoiding the cobweb that forms the soul, so sticky? Soulless madness toils away forever past the drifts of dreams, past the future and the now, even out of time. Forgotten. […]

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This fading song

Are these the times, Deflocking from our tribes sticking to new ones slowly heating in the pot like frogs unbothered, while we point and laugh, Cry, and digest content build by content builders larger than anything some Gods promised, we take the water from the desert sands? Are these the times, we unrecognize our screen-lit […]

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Of the Bride’s Moans

While the light beyond the crack around the wooden window cover dies While Šerida takes her husband’s hand into where horizon’s privacy lies While even the bleating of goats or child sinks into the silent dessert sands While the cooling blanket dims all shadows into dense ethereal demands While far beyond understanding the bride’s noises […]

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Whispers in the dark

It hurt the eyes, blinded by fire yet faith lies in the shadows cast In the corner, folded in dust flurries lie believes that a corner is real as the fire is not.   But the walls the walls not real not reality no reality can hold over belief   Soft spoken whispers mimic the […]

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A day of peace

I stretch out this day Lazily I unfold onto the grass Honey drippings of sunlight Fall drip drip, drip Onto my face If tomorrow the bombs Fall drop drop, drop I will not bask in it But at least I had my peace today (c) 2015 Marco Casteleijn An initiative of: The Neighborhood

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The Echo

So entropy happens, slowly ideas fade and re-created. So thus also ideas about the box. Is there a box? The question still remains, but now how to find its borders? In Hinduism it is said to find all that is not God, and what remains is God. This principle also applies to a box of […]

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As confined in a body, one has defined its boundaries and limitations to the physical self. An inward look defines the inner self; an outward look defined the outward self. Awareness of self is defined by the ability to define its own boundaries. Self lies on the border between inner and outer self. The outer […]

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