The Odd One Out

The triple-O popped recoiled over the crumbling wall. Had he only been the fourth, maybe then he would have mastered the Gift of Sight, but as the dwindling appendix of his thriving Brother, last of the Triad con Felis, he had missed the kisses of the birds.

“Step away flower-touched, this requires real insight.”

Yet foliage blocked his view.

The velvet touch of butterfly’s wings had proven its worth. However, when the Prime Parasite recoiled from the appendix’s gentle touch, whispers were woven in the wind.

“This is the miracle, we must follow, he will show us the way…”


Awesome images from Marco Mazzoni 


Such protest and flames are hidden in schadows. Others will find only the Beginning of beginnings to be comforting…


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