I hold my breath and I dream more. Past the clouds, past the stars, and into the dark-betweens. Gently a stroke, a breeze, a puff, a wink, holding hands, clement days with orange streaks. Deep warm rays that hold our gaze.

Oh, how to long for purple skies, everlasting discussions about meaningless things while the universe leans in and listens. To let the little bells ring and dangle. Fresh green vibrant covered in dew, kissed by morning light, yet forgotten in the most nicest of shades.

Oh, how to breath in your scent, the swirl of your hair, while laughter plays in the background bound by happy things of silly string. An aroma of fluff filled ambiguity and intent laid out in front of it all.

Oh, how the day dreams of newer things, and forgets the old stocks. Warehouses full of all that laid behind it all, yet carried, yet resolved but not absolved. A hum trembling though the wires brings obligations, gifts wrapped in beauty nor silver glass.

Re-sol-u-tion. I made it up, a made up word. I poke the soap bubble of absurd thinness, then we dance and laugh and make another round around the sun. A journey I never begun…

#2017 #makeitso

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