Hides cut in strips, half-tanned and soaked. Bloody beginnings will lead to bloodied ends. Buried braids in the hot desert sand, after which heavy stones stretch ropes. It takes a skilled hand to sand of its hair, to oil and knot the pirate’s lariat.

Lined the narrow vale, far from their lands they dot the landscape waiting for the southern airships return to Erech.

Silent flicks of rope fly with the fake bird’s signal. Some cut, some untied, but slowly grappled the Kishaa’s Pearl hits the cliffs.

“Such a beautiful day for fishing ships! Let’s feed vultures. Grab that booty!”



I now challenge with the following title: Scarlet Welts


All those that wander are not lost, yet for those who like to start somewhere: Beginnings of the beginning


Awesome image by Min Nguyen (c)


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